Roberto Garbugli

Roberto Garbugli was born in 1957 in Pesaro, Italy, and went onto graduate in Interior Design from the Mengaroni Art School of Pesaro in 1977. At the beginning of his career he worked closely with architects, interior design retailers and manufacturers of kitchens, sofas and design objects, developing unrivalled expertise and knowledge in product design. He expanded his activities further planning events and exhibitions in cooperation with kitchen manufacturers.
Roberto made a turning point in his career when he designed his first recreational space in 1991. With his technical background and strong creative skills, he quickly found himself specialising in the design of restaurants and bars.
Why recreational spaces? Through his history of working with product retailers and being an interior designer Roberto found he has the ability to meet the demands of today’s eclectic, dynamic and cosmopolitan recreational clients. With their unique vibe and ambience the restaurants and lounge bars he designed attract and charm both the frequent and the occasional visitor.

Products designed for Tonelli: