Great protagonist among our tables, Perseo always knew how to enhance the combination of glass and other materials, thus gaining in versatility in its use. Complex construction techniques, obtained by the ability of our artisans, are to be seen in its elegance.
Beyond the already available finishes, two new brushed finishes for the legs are added that make Perseo a timeless table, adaptable to different styles.
A classical dining table where glass and wood help and enhance each other. The structure’s constructive lines become visible thanks to the crystal’s transparency, while the wood reminds us of architectural memories and supports the product’s qualified versatility within its surroundings.

Rectangular or square table in extra clear glass. Removable legs in the new finishes matt brushed Antracite or Ottone.

140 x 140 x h 76 cm
160 x 160 x h 76 cm
200 x 100 x h 76 cm
220 x 100 x h 76 cm
240 x 100 x h 76 cm
260 x 100 x h 76 cm

Download finishes sheet (PDF) Download technical sheet (PDF) Download 3D (IGS)