Livingstone is an extending tempered glass table created to meet different requirements.
Both the table top and the legs are available with various finishes, chrome plating, and coatings.
The legs of the extending table hide the folding mechanism that raises the two leaves.
Version with transparent glass top. Legs in natural or dark brown leather.
Enlargement of the Livingstone range, available with only one extending leaf. Top in transparent, or extraclear. Legs available in chrome, black or white lacquered, covered with leather, or wood.

120/210x90xh74 cm
140/240x90xh74 cm
160/260x90xh74 cm
180/280x90xh74 cm
100/170x70xh74 cm
120/210x120xh74 cm
80/130x80xh74 cm
120/170x80xh74 cm
80/120x120xh74 cm
90/140x90xh74 cm
120/170x90xh74 cm

10 / 15 mm

* 170 / ** 40 kg

* For table
** For extension.

Special sizes central top available from 121 x 90 cm to 179 x 90cm