New collection 2020

Tonelli design takes an important step in its growth announcing the new artistic direction, signed by Massimo Castagna, and an important expansion of the catalogue.
Collection 2020 is made of 10 pieces, of which some are reinterpretations of important long sellers that today are presented with new materials of great modernity and actuality.
Tables, bookcases, coffee tables and mirrors where the glass cooperates with other elements , such as marble, wood, metals, thus amplifying the functionality and expanding the furnishing possibilities.
For the first time we introduce a collection of lamps that with its simplicity and modularity express the company’s ability in knowing how to interpret the passing of time.


AFTER9 by Massimo Castagna

Collection of low tables and side tables, minimalistic metal structure with contrasting finishing. Available in different dimensions and heights, top of organic shape made in glass, wood and marble. The great range of finishing and forms allows dynamic and original combinations and aggregations.


CENTRAL by Francesco Forcellini

Wall mirror with wooden structure formed by two slightly inclined mirror panels and a third circular central element. The finishes of the three panels are available in mirror, gold mirror,bronze or smoked mirror that can be combined with each othe


FOLIO by Debonademeo Studio

Freestanding bookcase where each shelf has a different inclination, given the books filling it a dishevelled look.


HEMINGWAY by Massimo Castagna

Bookcase with solid wood structure, made of uprights and beams, wall or ceiling fixing. The uprights are made lighter by frontal and lateral slots and are characterized by inserts in polished metal.The bookcase can accommodate horizontal storage units with flap-down door and vertical storage units with hinged door, made of glass and wood. Office top in wood.


HYPERION by Massimo Castagna

Collection of lamps of great impact, made of glass elements with rounded cubic shape and structure in metal.


LIVINGSTONE DARK by Giulio Mancini

The strong formal cleanliness combined with complex technical details is enhanced in the extending glass table. The opening and closing of the table are done with a simple gesture, thanks to the opening system of the glass leaves made of a particular hinge in stainless steel fusion.


SHOJI CABINET by Isao Hosoe e Lorenzo De Bartolomeis

Glass sideboard in two heights. The structure in extra clear or smoked glass is equipped with a sliding door in several mirror or wood finishes. Can be used in different areas, from living rooms to bed rooms, entrances or offices.


SESTANTE STONE by Emilio Nanni

Low tables of a rigorous and essential design given by vertical, symmetrical and orthogonal structural elements. Base in glued glass and top in matt brushed marble with visible bevelled edge on the top.


ST5_STONE by Giulio Mancini

Dining table with central base in matt brushed marble, assembled with continuous grain to enhance its naturality. The external sides are in metal, finished with metallic brushed lacquering.
The combining of materials and the great number of possible configurations and dimensions make it extremely easy to personalize the table, a great star of the dining space.


VU by Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni

Modular wall mirror, made of extra clear glass strips of different thicknesses welded together on a mirror back.