New collection 2019

At the International Furnishing Accesories Exhibition of Milan Tonelli Design presented products with a contemporary, refined aesthetic, signed by selected designers of international fame: Angeletti Ruzza design, De Bona / De Meo, Francesco Forcellini, Emilio Nanni, Karim Rashid, Giuseppe Maurizio Scutellà.With their unique creative vision have succeeded in reinterpreting a noble and ancient material such as glass in a modern key, creating unique and versatile glass furnishing accessories.


BANDS by Angeletti Ruzza design

A rectangular or square wall mirror featuring a frame comprising a ribbed-effect glass and a bronze gold or smoked mirrored glass.


BARCODE by Giuseppe Maurizio Scutellà

A wall mirror composed of a thin glass panel with alternating mirrored and transparent bands; its structure reflects the environment around it, yet subtly reveals the wall beneath it, creating a fine interplay of contrasts and depth. Available in a multitude of sizes and shapes – squared, rectangular or rounded – Barcode is a modular piece that allows for the creation of large compositions, offering extensive customisation options.


CENTRAL by Francesco Forcellini

A wall mirror flaunting an extremely original structure: two lateral panels, slightly tilted outwards, form a base on which a third rounded element is placed centrally. The bronze gold or smoked mirrored finishes are available in tone-on-tone or colour combinations.


PARADIGMA by De Bona / De Meo

A large freestanding bookcase with an original modern aesthetic, designed for customers in search for a functional piece that turns into the focal point of the interiors. The structure is composed of a central glass grid, hand-glued by skilful artisans, and a boltless geometric component made from a thin metal sheet. The structure comes in two shapes – arched or rounded – with a contrasting finish available in brushed bronze or in a new brushed black version. Extra clear or smoked glass.


SESTANTE by Emilio Nanni

A collection of coffee, console tables and benches with a minimalist, versatile style.


TROPIKAL by Karim Rashid

Halfway between a freestanding mirror and a decorative element, Tropikal is a design project that conveys ironic elegance: its shape is inspired by large banana leaves, evoking the lush atmosphere of tropical forests