April 2015 New products 2015

Here are the new items 2015 shown at the latest International Furniture Fair in Milan:
the high table Lapsus by Arrighi and Nisco and the high table Perseo by Paolo Grasselli, the low table Gotham and console/office furniture Gotham designed by Leonardi-Marinelli, Guidoriccio and Partner mirrors respectively designed by
Andrea Tempestini and Emilio Nanni, the showcase container In-Fila by Favaretto & Partners, the bar trolley Kart by Karim Rashid and the new version of Gerundio mirror and Liber library by architect G.Tommaso Garattoni and Luca Papini

October 2015 Thanks Isao

Isao Hosoe has meant beginning, growth, and continuity for us.
The relationship between the Japanese engineer and Tonelli so much more than a mere collaboration has been continuing for almost 30 years.
During this time, the typical Eastern kindness and calmness have blended with our Italian character and enthusiasm, creating the perfect partnership.

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